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By Strusevich V. A., Van de Waart A. J. A., Dekker R.

Summary. This paper considers the matter of minimizing the agenda size of a two-machine store within which notonly can a task be assigned any of the 2 attainable routes, but in addition the processing instances depend upon the selected route.This challenge is understood to be NP-hard. We describe an easy approximation set of rules that promises a worst-caseperformance ratio of two. We additionally current a few transformations to this set of rules that increase its functionality andguarantee a worst-case functionality ratio of 3=2.

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Objects are grouped into classes, that define the set of attributes of an object and its method interface (message interface). This allows to model the behavior of the objects of each class c as stream-processing functions fc mapping input histories to sets of output histories. As usual, classes are structured by an inheritance relation . We thus get a natural definition of inheritance of behavior: We postulate if a class inherits from another, its possible behaviors are a subset: ∀c, d : Class.

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