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Pedestal of Agrippa 10. Propylaea 11. Temple of Athena Nike 12. Pinakotheke 13. Athena Promachos (base) 14. Pandroseion 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Erectheion Parthenon Temple of Augustus and Roma Altar of Athena Acropolis Museum Chalcotheke Brauronion 26 Greece mance of tragedy. These cult dramas eventually led to the development of the Greek theater. E. In the Classical period the Acropolis reached the height of its glory under the leadership of Pericles. ) were the result of his leadership. Later the Romans added only one building, the Temple of Roma and Augustus behind the Parthenon.

If Paul walked north from the harbor, as Pausanius did, he would have entered Athens through the Dipylon, or Double Gate, to the agora, on its northwest side. Our tour therefore will begin at that point and proceed to the Areopagus, then to the Acropolis, followed by the Roman Forum, Hadrian’s Library, the Olympieion, and finally, the National Museum. The Agora Before going in the main entrance to the agora on Adrianou Street, notice the excavations on the side of the street opposite the site. ).

The wing on the right side, the south wing, could not match the other in design because of the Temple of Athena Nike and other buildings that impinged upon it. ). The small temple on the right (south) of the Propylaea housed the wooden statue of Athena Nike (Athena of Victory) and was known as the Temple of Athena Nike. E. following the construction of the Parthenon and the Propylaea. Its simple design and use of Ionic columns contribute to its elegant appearance, especially in contrast to the massive structure of the Propylaea with its Doric columns.

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