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By Nick Ritchie

President Obama and the united kingdom Labour and Coalition governments have all sponsored the renewed momentum for critical growth in the direction of an international freed from nuclear guns, when the united kingdom unearths itself launched into a arguable and costly programme to resume its Trident nuclear guns method. What does the united kingdom strategy inform concerning the clients for disarmament?

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These two dynamics have come together to place a question mark over the ability of the international community, particularly the West, to permanently restrain the spread of nuclear weapons technology and knowledge, indefinitely manage complex relations between a growing number of nuclear powers through the practice of nuclear deterrence, keep the fissile materials needed for making nuclear weapons out of terrorists’ hands, and adequately control access to the uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing plants that produce these materials but also constitute a legitimate component of a civilian nuclear power programme under the NPT.

Delay was also induced by the need to stay in line with the US programme to replace its Ohio-class submarines. The future of the British nuclear weapons programme is intimately linked to the United States, a relationship explored further in Chapter 6. The US currently deploys 14 Ohio-class SSBNs equipped with Trident II (D5) missiles with the first due to retire in 2027. The remaining 13 will reach the end of their service lives at a rate of roughly one boat per year thereafter, with the last retiring in 2042.

They set out a number of steps requiring US leadership and said ‘Reassertion of the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons and practical measures toward achieving that goal would be, and would be perceived as, a bold initiative consistent with America’s moral heritage. The effort could have a profoundly positive impact on the security of future generations. Without the bold vision, the actions will not be perceived as fair or urgent. 12 Their powerful call for the international community to work towards a world free of nuclear weapons injected the possibility and urgency of nuclear disarmament with new credibility.

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