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What's that you simply say - perpetual movement is most unlikely? My, you are a tricky one to please.
The electrons within the molecules of rock formations were orbiting gradually for hundreds of thousands of years with out preventing - at what aspect will you settle that they're in perpetual motion?

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They are not aware that if a fine spray of cold water droplets or ‘mist’ is added to the incoming air, that the water converts to flash-steam on ignition of the HHO, producing high pressure inside the cylinder of the generator and causing the generator to act as an internal combustion steam engine. As a result of these details, the ‘scientific’ calculations which show that a generator cannot be self-powered are completely wrong, as are many of the ‘scientific’ pronouncements made by ignorant ‘scientists’.

However, as the two South poles repel each other, the movement of the approaching magnet is not directly along the green arrows shown but initially is in the direction shown by the red arrow. This situation continues with the moving magnet approaching he fixed magnet and the pull between them getting stronger all the time. But, the situation changes immediately the moving magnet reaches it’s closest point to the fixed magnet. Momentum starts to carry it past, but at that point the direction of the pull between the magnets starts to oppose the onward movement of the moving magnet: If the fixed magnet remains in that position, then the moving magnet will oscillate briefly and come to a halt directly opposite the fixed magnet like this: 1 - 15 The attraction forces between the two magnets is now wholly horizontal and there is no force on the movable magnet to cause it to move.

The video shows Don using a 28-watt hand-held Tesla Coil and producing what looks like several kilowatts of power in the earth line. I - 22 Don Smith Nikola Tesla Don points out that the output power is proportional to the square of the voltage and the square of the frequency: So if you double the frequency and double the voltage there will be 16 times as much output power. Tariel Kapanadze demonstrates this in a web video of his interview for Turkish TV. It shows him making an earth connection by burying an old car radiator, and then lighting a row of light bulbs from a Tesla Coil style fuel-less device.

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