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By Gábor Kármán

In A Seventeenth-Century Odyssey Gábor Kármán reconstructs the lifestyles tale of a lesser-known Hungarian orientalist, Jakab Harsányi Nagy. The dialogue of his actions as a faculty instructor in Transylvania, as a diplomat and interpreter on the elegant Porte, as a secretary of a Moldavian voivode in exile, in addition to a court docket councillor of Friedrich Wilhelm, the good Elector of Brandenburg not just sheds gentle upon the terribly flexible occupation of this person, but in addition at the number of circles during which he lived. Gábor Kármán additionally provides the 1st historic research of Harsányi’s contribution to Turkish stories, the Colloquia Familiaria Turcico-latina (1672).

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In the 1630s and 1640s it was István Tolnai who supervised the appointment of the alumni to various posts. He was keen on keeping the college planning in sight when deciding about the allocation of stipends. In 1638 he advised the prince not to send anyone on a peregrination, as the needs of the college had been covered by those who were already abroad. See his letter to György Rákóczi I (Sárospatak, 23 April 1638) PEIL XVIII: 1348. ” This institution, though, did not have the credentials to give higher academic titles.

Indb 25 11/17/2015 3:57:44 PM 26 Chapter 1 have been surprising if Harsányi had chosen another itinerary – in any case he did not matriculate at the Frankfurt university. 52 After students left Danzig they only had to survive the boat trip around Denmark to reach the Netherlands. The sea generally entailed great discomfort for Hungarian students. Those travelogues that mention crossing the sea at all usually devote some passages to the shock of a storm. This is all the more striking since they rarely complain about the hardship of a continental land journey.

Shepherd, “University Life,” 3–4. The author also calls attention to the fact that the theses read at these graduations were not the work of the student, but of the regent. ASALB I, 335. The biography of Gidófalvi was compiled by János Herepei, “Gidófalvi Csulak János,” in Adattár, vol. 2, 324–332. See also Gömöri, Magyarországi diákok, 50. indb 39 11/17/2015 3:57:47 PM 40 Chapter 1 somehow, perhaps by sea in order to avoid the troops, and then moved back to the Netherlands in early October. Experiences during Peregrination Peregrination was not only a formative event for early modern Hungarian students because of the university courses they attended.

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