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By Duygu Köksal

In "A Social historical past of the overdue Ottoman Women," Duygu Koksal and Anastasia Falierou collect new learn on ladies of alternative geographies and groups of the past due Ottoman Empire focusing rather at the ways that ladies won energy and exercised agency."

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For example, seclusion and segregation of the sexes were ‘culturally’ accepted among Armenians as among other millets,10 though these practices may not have had the same critical importance as they did for the Muslim population, since the Armenian millet was not officially bound by Islam and/or its interpretation. Nevertheless, as Badran notes in the context of Egypt, although Greek, Jewish, and Armenian women were freer to innovate and set precedents, “they could not confer legitimacy. ”11 Seclusion and segregation practices were weakening toward the end of the nineteenth century and women were active promoters of this change.

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