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Транслятор и справочник сталей ведущих стран мира на немецком языке.
Доп. информация: Сканировал лично. Встречал раздачу справочника 2004 г. Этот - за 1992 г.

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Based on reports in the literature, we conclude that cover crops can contribute to carbon sequestration, especially in no-tillage systems, whereas such benefits may be minimal for frequently tilled sandy soils. S. H. nl S. Dogliotti Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de la República, Avda. Garzón 780, Código Postal 12900, Montevideo, Uruguay C. M. Cherr Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, CA95616, USA L. Zotarelli Agricultural and Biological Engineering Dept, University of Florida, 234 Fraziers-Rogers Hall, Gainesville, FL32611, USA E.

Amado et al. (2006) emphasized the importance of including leguminous cover crops in no-tillage systems as a strategy for increasing carbon sequestration in tropical and subtropical regions. However, for non-utrient limited systems and under adverse growth conditions, growing recalcitrant nonleguminous cover crops with a greater biomass production, may be more effective in boasting SOM (Barber and Navarro 1994a). Overall dry-matter production and nutrient accumulation by cover crops affects their potential to increase SOM.

5 Food and Forage Production Although food and forage production may not be the main purpose of cover-crop use, some systems may also provide products for human consumption, grazing, and/or to produce fodder as was reported for, example, Canavalia ensifomis, Dilochis lablab, Avena strigosa, Vicia villosa (Nyende and Delve 2004; Pieri et al. 2002; Anderson et al. 2001). Examples of cover crops suited for human consumption include Cajanus cajan (pigeon pea), Dolichos lablab, and cowpea (Vigna cinsensis).

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