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Транслятор и справочник сталей ведущих стран мира на немецком языке.
Доп. информация: Сканировал лично. Встречал раздачу справочника 2004 г. Этот - за 1992 г.

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15 which indicate a vs. OCR for Ariake, Banjarmasin (Indonesian) Bothkennar and Drammen clays. This technique gives a little bit conservative S,, value than actual one as suggested from Fig. 14. Appropriate determination of the consolidation yield stress, U is also an important subject in practice. Standard oedometer test does not give clear to this subject, strain Oedometer test gives much Yield Point and compressibility as indicated in Fig. 12. lY I,,, Suo(d)= Suf(d)x (12) Fig. 12 Comparison of void ratio vs.

Hanzawa, H. 1983. Three case studies for short term stability of soft clay deposits. Soils and Foundations, 23 (2):140-154 Hanzawa, H. 1995. In-situ shear strength of marine clay related to aging effect. Proc. 1lthEuropean Conf. ICSMFE. 141146. Hanzawa, H. and Kishida, T. 1981. Fundamental consideration on undrained strength characteristics of alluvial marine clay. Soils and Foundations, 21(1): 39-50 Hanzawa, H. and Adachi, K. 1983. Overconsolidation of alluvial clays. Soils and Foundations. 23 (4): 106-118.

2 Field and Laboratory Tests Conducted Characteristics of each clay, and field and laboratory tests carried out to determine Su(mob) are presented in the followings. 45 oedometer test. o’, from the standard oedometertest were 70% of 6’,,, while 6’, from 6) Vungtau clay is divided into the upper clay with Ip = 20-40 and the lower clay with Ip = 20 the special oedometer test with small stress divided by a thin sandy layer. About 5m increment ratio were about the same to 67v0. excavation is made in front of the revetment, Noticing this feature, a practical technique of the while 2m reclamation to the behind.

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