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Media Education Across Europe

Schooling in and in regards to the media is increasing throughout Europe and, just like the industries it experiences, is altering swiftly. the way forward for media schooling is an issue of dwell drawback in all ecu nations, as educators and practitioners through the continent come jointly to benefit from one another and to devise for the alterations to come back.

Airwaves: a collection of radio editorials from the Golden Apple

AirWAVES! , a suite of greater than thirty years of editorials and statement given through William O'Shaughnessy, incorporates a extensive spectrum of Westchester lifestyles, from politics to simply simple voters. O'Shaughnessy, hailed The Squire of Westchester,by former governor Mario Cuomo, brings jointly a retrospective for the Golden Apple, Westchester County, offering the reader with not just a slice of his articulate sort and sleek character, but additionally an historiography of occasions and happenings in and round the county.

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Some window, door and roofing damage. Small craft torn from moorings in unprotected anchorages. Some evacuation of shoreline residences and low-lying islands. Extensive. Large trees blown down. Some structural damage to small buildings. Mobile homes destroyed. Serious coastal flooding. Many small structures near coast destroyed by wind and waves. Almost all small boats torn from moorings. Extreme. Extensive damage to roofs on many small residences. Terrain 10 feet or less above sea level flooded.

Hours of filing time; service originating station. Report date and time of delivery (TOD) to originating station. Report to originating station the identity of station from which received, plus date and time. Report identity of station to which relayed, plus date and time, or if delivered report date, time and method of delivery. Delivering station get reply from addressee, originate message back. (date). Delivery by mail or landline toll call not required. If toll or other expense involved, cancel message and service originating station.

Need additional _____ mobile or portable equipment for immediate emergency use. Additional _____ radio operators needed to assist with emergency at this location. Please contact ______. Advise to standby and provide further emergency information, instructions or assistance. (continued next page). ELEVEN TWELVE THIRTEEN FOURTEEN FIFTEEN SIXTEEN SEVENTEEN EIGHTEEN NINETEEN Establish Amateur Radio emergency communications with ______ on _____ MHz. Anxious to hear from you. No word in some time. Please contact me as soon as possible.

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