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The best accuracy is at the very top end of the scale. As a result, integration will suffer, especially when the amounts are at the bottom end of the scale. Manufacturers of the measuring devices therefore publish the value at which the signal will be of little use because of the inaccuracy involved. This is known as low-signal cutoff and indicates that the signal below that value is suspect. An example using the vortex meter is given in Chapter 7 on the brewing industry. It should be noted that the accuracy of some instruments is given as a percentage of indicated value, in which case the statement just made is not applicable.

As will be appreciated, the greater the number of coordinates that can be used, the better will be the curve fit. However, modern instruments and DCSs also are limited in the number of coordinates permitted. The DCS system that has been used as the basis in this text provides for a maximum of 21 separate break points (coordinates), with the proviso that on any one block the points can either increase or decrease monotonically but not both within the same block. Other DCS systems may have similar restrictions and a greater or smaller number of break points.

Even slightly enriched N2 atmospheres are dangerous to human life. CONTROL Mass Measurement with Differential-Creating Primary Devices When a liquid mass flow has to be measured in a system and the amount flowing is beyond the range of available Coriolis meters, one is forced to resort to techniques that were used when such devices were not available. Let the flow be measured by a differential-creating primary device, in this case an orifice plate and a DP cell. 12a. The differential head across the primary device is corrected for temperature variation in the first calculation block (module), but there is no need for pressure correction because a liquid is virtually incompressible.

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