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By Bernhard Schmitz

This quantity examines the questions of what constitutes a great lifestyles and the way you can in achieving happiness and wellbeing and fitness, and analyses other ways within which humans can try for a superb lifestyles. First, it provides an summary on vital strategies in psychology which are relating to dwelling an exceptional existence. Then, a brand new technique is brought: the idea that of art-of-living as a holistic option to achieve happiness. Empirical stories are mentioned concerning a questionnaire for measuring art-of-living, and the validity of the questionnaire is verified with appreciate to a variety of suggestions. additionally, the amount presents effects from empirical reviews, exhibiting that, and the way, art-of-living and happiness will be greater. numerous intervention stories are defined intimately, that have been played with varied teams of topics, together with students, college scholars and staff. additionally, result of interviews are summarized, that have been held with those that have been nominated as exemplary artists-of-living. the quantity concludes with an outline of art-of-living in autobiographies, and offers feedback for extra examine with admire to art-of-living.

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G. in the form of diaries or what psychologists would term expressive writing (Pennebaker 1997). Regarding the experiencing of various life events, he advocates as mental strategy to stay as even-tempered as possible. Schmid (1998) argues that a generally positive attitude towards life and the world, openness to what life might present, and some kind of serenity might be helpful in the ups and downs of life. Finally, it is important to find some meaning in life. 5 Our Own Concept: Overview 17 Although the self plays an important role in Schmid’s theory of the art-of-living, the concept is not restricted to self-attention.

The pleasant life, the engaged life, and the meaningful life: what about the balanced life? In The exploration of happiness (pp. 175–191). Netherlands: Springer. Staudinger, U. , & Gluck, J. (2011). Psychological wisdom research: Commonalities and differences in a growing field. Annual Review of Psychology, 62, 215–241. Sternberg, R. J. (2009). Wisdom, intelligence & creativity synthesized. School Administrator, 66(2), 10–11. , & Lyubomirsky, S. (2006). How do people pursue happiness? Relating personality, happiness-increasing strategies, and well-being.

All variables were included in the prediction equation and showed a significant contribution to the prediction, except physical care, coping and serenity. 001. Thus it appears that well-being can be predicted very well by art-of-living, nearly all variables contribute to the prediction and more than 60 % of the variance of the criterion can be explained. 5 2 Development of a Questionnaire Measuring Art-of-Living Research Question 4: Are There Different Types of Art-of-Living? A cluster analysis was conducted in order to find out whether there were subgroups of participants with respect to the subscales of art-of-living.

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