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By A. J. Freemont MD, FRCP(E), MRCPath, J. Denton MSc (auth.)

Like all really expert parts of medication, that of joint ailment informative. The options, useful and interpretive, has turn into surrounded by means of a realistic mystique and are hugely reproducible and straightforward, letting them be utilized in any laboratory. jargon particular to itself. The variety of clinicians operating even though we see this quantity as being of price to all within the box is big however the variety of pathologists small. attracted to joint ailment it truly is particularly geared toward It follows that almost all of pathologists are at a little laboratory employees wishing to provide a synovial fluid analytical of a right away drawback whilst discussing and ana­ provider. Like such a lot cytology we think a lot of the mobilephone lysing articular issues of their rheumatological and and non-cell identity and quantitation can, and orthopaedic colleagues. may still, be undertaken by means of expert technical employees. The e-book within the particular region of synovial fluid exam the is for that reason aimed basically at teams: pathologists problems for the pathologist are compounded simply because who don't specialise in joint ailment and technical employees to this point there were no simple texts that aspect the who should be producing the knowledge on which interpretation tools, findings and interpretation of the macroscopic might be dependent. it truly is for this reason either a textual content publication and a bench and microscopic features of the fluid within the universal reference handbook. arthropathies. during this ebook we are hoping to head a way we don't think our information or technique signify in the direction of rectifying this omission.

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Chapter 8) 45 46 THE 'WET PREP' EXAMINATION AND INTERPRETATION. 3. OTHER PARTICLES Fig. 1 Cholesterol plates viewed in polarized light. x 550 Fig. 2 Cholesterol plates viewed between crossed polarize,rs with an interposed red compensator. x 550 Fig. 3 Cholesterol plates viewed by Nomarski phase optics. 4 The size of a cholesterol plate can be assessed by comparison with the erythrocyte flattened on its surface. xl 000 Fig. 5 The typical notched corner of a cholesterol plate. x 500 Fig. 6 Frequently more than one type of lipid is seen in a synovial fluid.

H. R.. Sparbaro. J. L. and Hollander. J. L. (1969). Recurrent haemarthrosis after prosthetic knee arthroplasty: Identification of metal particles in the synovial fluid. Arthritis Rheum .. 12. 580-588 14. Kahn. C. B.. Hollander. J. L. and Schumacher. H. R. (1970). Corticosteroid crystals in synovial fluid. J. Am. Med. Assoc .. 211. 807-809 15. Freemont. A. , Porter, M. L.. Tomlinson. I.. Clague. R. B. and Jayson. M. I. V. (1984). Starch arthritis. J. Clin. Pathol.. 37. 990992 54 THE WET PREP' EXAMINATION AND INTERPRETATION.

24). Disease significance Hydroxyapatite within joints is usually derived from calcified cartilage or subchondral bone. Thus, its presence within the synavial fluid indicates destruction of articular cartilage with exposure and wear of deeper calcified structures. In inflammatory arthropathies, hydroxyapatite is seen most commonly in rheumatoid disease but also, more rapidly, in psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spandylitis. In nan-inflammatary arthropathies, it is almost invariably evidence of osteoarthritis.

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