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References [1] C. D. Edwards, T. C. Jedrey, E. Schwartzbaum, A. S. Devereaux, R. DePaula, M. Dapore, and T. W. A06,” International Astronautical Congress 2003, September–October 2003. [2] M. Agan, A. Gray, E. Grigorian, D. Hansen, E. Satorius, and C. Wang, “Micro Communications and Avionics Systems First Prototype (MCAS1): A Low Power, Low Mass In Situ Transceiver,” The Telecommunications and Mission Operations Progress Report 42-138, April–June 1999, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, pp.

1 The decimation factor M is programmable and is dependent upon the input data rate. To accommodate symbol-timing recovery, M typically is chosen so that there are at least 16 samples per symbol after decimation, except at the highest data rates. ) will run at the input sampling rate, Fs . 024 MHz (2 5) Below Rs = 8 ksps, M remains fixed at 128 to accommodate Doppler offsets. Note that as M increases up to 128, more of the input noise to the ADC is filtered out by the CIC filters, thereby reducing the total CIC output power.

The output of the encoder is forced to 0 when setting “enc enable” to 0. It is also noted that the modulator can accommodate dual-channel data inputs (an , bn as depicted in Fig. 2-9). For BPSK modulation, only one input is required (and thus only one coder). However, the modulator also can accommodate QPSK modulation and in fact currently is being reprogrammed to include the suppressed-carrier, QPSK mode. The general purpose software that implements a protocol on an actual spacecraft is described in [9].

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