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During the daylight hours it is normal for four distinct layers to become established, D, E F1 and F2, see Figure 1-29. The height and thickness (depth) of these layers will depend upon such factors as latitude, time of the year and sun spot activity. Ionisation intensity increases with increase in height and therefore the F layer(s) tend to be stronger than the lower layers. 63. During the hours of darkness the four layers tend to merge into only two distinctive layers, the E and the F layers, again see Figure 1-29.

Chapter 1 Page 38 © G LONGHURST 1999 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Basic Radio Theory FIGURE 1-18 Variation of Impedance with Frequency Chapter 1 Page 39 © G LONGHURST 1999 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Basic Radio Theory FIGURE 1-19 Variation of Current with Frequency Bandwidth 46. 707* of its maximum value, see Figure 1-20. 707 2 Selectivity 47. The sharpness of the response curve over a range of frequencies near resonance indicates the SELECTIVITY of the circuit. Selectivity is the ability of a tuned circuit to respond strongly to its resonant frequency and to give a poor response to other frequencies either side of resonance.

An emf of e volt and of variable frequency is connected to the circuit, see Figure 1-23. This type of parallel ac circuit is very common in radio equipments and has many important applications. FIGURE 1-23 Parallel LCR Circuit Chapter 1 Page 45 © G LONGHURST 1999 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Basic Radio Theory 49. The pd across the coil, the phasor sum of VR and VL, is equal to the pd across the capacitor, VC. The supply current is the vector sum of IL and IC. A phase diagram for the circuit is shown in Figure 1-24.

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