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By Constantin Noica. Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth

Less than the name turning into inside Being, Constantin Noica, considered one of Romanias most appropriate philosophers, brings jointly essays, one courting from round 1950, the opposite from 1980. the 2 works have in universal the belief of turning into inside of Being, first because it effects from the background of philosophy, secondly as an try to reconstruct the technological know-how of Being, ontology.

This publication is released as a part of the venture of selling the Romanian Philosophy, a undertaking carried out through the Romanian Society for Phenomenology with the aid of the Romanian Cultural Institute and Life-for-Life Volvo Romania starting place

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Its subject is also its predicate (in the sense that the predicate is “internal”, as is said in grammar): it is raining is nothing more than the fact that it is raining and the fact that it is raining is rain. In relation to the rain, nothing more is to be thought than the rain itself, the rain separated from any inherence, from any causal action. There is rain, that is to say, it is raining rain. In Romanian, there is a nice example of impersonal judgement, as contained in the saying “vremea vremuieşte”

The relationship of a term (subject) to itself, the fact that it is its own cause, can no longer lead to confusion with the category of causality, just as nor will it lead to confusion with inherence. This relationship to self imposes a separate category, in which it is a question of the independence, of the autarchy of the term at stake. This category can only be entitled autonomy, as it comes to complete the table opened by inherence and causality. ) In his case, it can no longer be a question, as in Kant, of “reciprocal action” – which in any case does not always function, as we have seen – now we are dealing at most with a reflexive action.

In any case, it is clear – as Kant also suspects – that, beyond affirmation and negation, there is room for a third quality of judgement and that this quality brings into play a kind of infinity. Only the infinite is beyond negation and affirmation, and therefore it may be both negated and affirmed. Consequently, it provides a third “quality”. At the categorial level, this quality of judgement produces the type of reality that cannot be abolished through negation (because it carries noica 3 becoming within being 42 negation in it, it has “trampled death”, it commences from negation).

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