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Biofliudics has won in significance lately, forcing engineers to redefine mechanical engineering theories and follow them to organic services. thus far, no e-book has effectively performed this. Biofliud Mechanics in Cardiovascular platforms is without doubt one of the first books to take an interdisciplinary method of the topic. Written by means of a professor and researcher, this booklet will mix engineering ideas with human biology to bring a textual content particularly designed for biomedical engineering pros and scholars.

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The mitral valve is the valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle. The mitral valve prevents blood from flowing backwards into the pulmonary veins and therefore into the lungs, even when the pressure in the left ventricle is very high. The mitral valve is a bicuspid valve having two cusps and the tricuspid valve has three cusps. The other two valves in the human heart are known as semilunar valves. The two semilunar valves are the aortic valve and the pulmonic valve. The aortic valve is located between the aorta and the left ventricle and when it closes, it prevents blood from flowing backward from the aorta into the left ventricle.

Residual volume is 8 Volume, L 6 Total lung capacity IRV Vital capacity 4 Tidal volume 2 ERV Functional residual Residual volume capacity 0 Standard lung volumes as measured by a spirometer. 5 L in a healthy, 70-kg individual. Residual volume is much greater for individuals with emphysema. 3 Expiratory reserve volume Expiratory reserve volume (ERV) is the volume of air expelled from the lungs during a maximal forced expiration that begins at the end of normal tidal expiration. The expiratory reserve volume plus the reserve volume combine to make up the functional reserve capacity.

An x-ray (see Fig. 1) appeared to show the valve disk in the abdominal aorta and the outflow strut in the pulmonary vein. Emergency surgery was performed, the disk and outflow strut were 1 Narrowing or stricture. 2 Artificial body part. 3 Graphically recording the position and motion of the heart walls and internal structures. Cardiovascular Structure and Function 27 removed and a new Medtronic-Hall mitral valve prosthesis was implanted into the woman and the patient eventually recovered. 3 Functional Anatomy The cardiovascular system can be further divided into three subsystems.

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