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Unclassified Leptospira (Ames BN-1), thinsectioned. A. Portion of a "lamellar body" derived from the cell's inner membrane; visual proof of contiguity is rare. B. Typical distension of the cell's outer membrane (coil) terminating in a tubular portion of uniform diameter (40-50 nm) at right. AF is axial filament. 05 μ/7?. 24 THE BIOLOGY OF PARASITIC SPIROCHETES Fig. 9. Serotype pornona, thin-sectioned. tion of the nucleoplasm (arrows) results from chemical fixation by use of OsO alone. 2 μτπ. Fig.

The porphyrin was concentrated in the cells and the cell pellets had a visible red-orange fluorescence. The exception was for one swine intestinal strain which had a green fluorescence. 53 ROBERT M. , not a lipiddefined medium. Tréponèmes are rich in lipids. Around 20% of the cell weight is lipid. Mr. Clay Walker (15,16) in my laboratory has studied the lipid composition of cultivated tréponèmes. Phospholipids make up 36 to 57% of the total lipid, glycolipid 20 to 40%, and neutral lipid 12 to 33% of the total lipids.

J. Loesche, C. B. MacDonald. Dependency of Treponema microdentium on other oral organisms for isobutyrate, polyamines, and a controlled oxidation-reduction potential. J. Bacteriol. 88^:200-209, 1964. M. Spirochaetales, Ά Review. SMIBERT 14. , CRC Press _2:491-544, 1973. M. L. Claterbaugh, Jr. Ά chemically 15. Microbiol. 18^1073-1078, 1972. Walker, C. M. Smibert. Lipid 16. defined medium for Treponema strain PR-7 isolated from the intestine of a pig with swine dysentery. Canad. J. virulent Treponema pallidum (Nichols ASM, 151, 1974.

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