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By George Edgar Slusser, Eric S. Rabkin, Robert E. Scholes

13 unique essays written particularly for the second one Eaton convention on technological know-how Fiction and fable Literature, held February 23–24, 1980, on the college of California, Riverside. These essays show the diversity of fable varieties and their pervasiveness during the a long time and may stimulate additional examine of this complicated and elusive mode. The essays—by Harold Bloom, author and DeVane Professor of the arts at Yale collage; Larry McCaffery, Assistant Professor of En­glish at San Diego country collage; Marta E. S?nchez, teacher of English on the collage of California, San Diego; Arlen J. Hansen, Professor of English on the collage of the Pacific, Stockton; David Clayton, teacher of Comparative Literature on the collage of California, San Diego; Robert Sale, author and Professor of English on the collage of Washington; G. Richard Thompson, Professor of English at Purdue Univer­sity, West Lafayette; Robert A. Collins, Coordinator of the an­nual Swann convention at the fabulous and teacher at Flor­ida Atlantic college, Boca Raton; John Gerlach, affiliate Professor of English at Cleveland nation collage; David Ket­terer, author and Professor of English at Concordia collage, Montreal; George R. Guffey, Professor of English on the Univer­sity of California, la; Jack P. Rawlins, affiliate Pro­fessor of English at California country collage, Chico; and Gary Kern, author and translator of early Soviet literature—examine fable on many degrees of curiosity: as a component of human suggestion, as a relentless think about the social and highbrow setting, and as a generator of shape in artwork and literature.

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Carlyle had insisted that the poet's work was to see, a willed seeing that would dissolve the cosmos of the pleasure/pain principle for the sake of the high purpose of bringing the reader under the reign of the reality principle. But Pater, and Wilde after him, subverted Carlyle's and Ruskin's moral, post-Calvinist emphasis upon willed seeing as a royal road to reality. Pater's Aesthetic or Crystal Man swerves away from a seeing that is a reality-testing to an Epicurean perceptiveness that dissolves external realities into a concourse of sensations.

Krag turned his head round. "The night is really past at last, Nightspore. . " Nightspore gazed long and earnestly at Maskull's body. " "Ask Crystalman," replied Krag sternly. "His world is no joke. He has a strong clutch . . but I have a stronger. . " I quoted the end of this great passage at the beginning of my discourse, and come full circle back to it now, but in I trust the finer tone of a clinamen, a swerve into the start of a theory of literary fantasy. What kills Maskull? In an earlier vision, he had seen Krag murdering him, whereas Krag, at the start of the final voyage, prophesies that Crystalman as Gangnet will be the cause of Maskull's death.

If Freud, as I now believe, extended and rationalized Romanticism rather than replaced it, we can aver that the literary element in dream, as expounded by Freud, is always romance. In the anxiety of belatedness that the eighteenth century waning of the Enlightenment passed on to Romanticism (and to Freud), can be found the repressed source of modern literary fantasy, because fantasy beckons as a release to any sense of belatedness. The course of nineteenth century romance had to ensue in the submode of fantasy, first for children and then for adults, because romance, in reclaiming itself, discovered that it had ceased to be in competition with its Oedipal child, the novel.

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