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The slope value is not stored with the routing line, but is calculated when an item is placed on the line or the line is processed in some way. Type S at the Routing Line prompt to select the Slope option. This brings up the Slope Options dialog box which allows you to turn Slope on or off and enter the direction of the slope (see Figure 4-8). Figure 4-8 To change the Slope settings, Click the Change Slope Value button. This brings up the Slope Value dialog box (see Figure 4-9). Enter the slope value as a ratio.

View The View box on the Batch Collision dialog box contains three options. View This option works the same as the View option in the Interactive Collision Checking mode. When selected, it changes the view and brings up the View Collision dialog box (see Figure 5-3). Note: You may leave the Batch Collision command at any time to correct an interference problem. The system remembers all remaining collisions when you return to the Batch Collision command. Query The Query option, like the View option, works in the same manner as explained in Interactive Collision Checking.

HVAC-44 Figure 3-29 This menu allows you to change a dimension for the takeoff or tap. The Cheek and Wrapper size of the takeoff or tap is automatically set when you select the diffuser, and the takeoff or tap is placed at the center of the side of duct unless you want to offset it up or down. If you choose to offset it up or down, select Offset from Cent by double clicking on the text. If you enter a (+) positive value, the takeoff or tap is offset that distance up from the center of the duct.

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