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By Thalia Dragonas, Faruk Birtek

Citizenship and the country country in Greece and Turkey brings jointly papers on a transdisciplinary discussion on kingdom formation in Greece and Turkey as successor states of the Ottoman Empire, and on features of civil society within the countries.The quantity is split into elements: 'Empire and geographical region' and 'Nation and Civil Society' and covers concerns corresponding to Turkish and Greek nationalism, the formation of the Greek kingdom, the influence of the Greek conflict of Independence in remodeling the Ottoman Empire, civil society in Greece through the post-World struggle II interval, the idea that of citizenship so far as the rights of girls are involved in Greece and in Turkey, and the construction and copy of kingdom within the academic discourse.

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10 Thus, attention strays from the institutional level,11 and leads to the scale of the structure of power and how it is exercised. This, in my opinion, constitutes a very realistic approach to the study of the state, which is not simply an institution or The formation of the state in Greece, 1830–1914 21 even a set of institutions, but a way of organizing and exercising power. In reality, this final view is treated from a realistic perspective, as an entity in existence, as an organization that controls or attempts to control territory and populations.

H ␸␱k␱␭␱␥c␣ ␶␩␵ ␲k␻␶␱␥‡␯␱e␵ ␲␣k␣␥␻␥d␵ ␴␶␩␯ E␭␭f␦␣ (1828–1862)’ [The Taxation of Primary Production in Greece (1828–1862)], unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Athens, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Athens (1992). The point of view which Halikiopoulos puts forward (⌺⑂C␺‡␫␵ ␲‡kc E␭␭f␦␱␵, p. 77) that ‘Taxation is Turkish’ does not constitute a simple figure of speech but represents reality. Sideris, A. , ‘H ␫␴␶␱k␫⑂d ‡␰C␭␫␰␫␵ ␶␩␵ ␥‡␻k␥␫⑂d␵ ␮␣␵ ␸␱k␱␭␱␥c␣␵’ [The Historical Evolution of our Agricultural Taxation], Ak␹‡c␱␯ O␫⑂␱␯␱␮␫⑂b␯ ⑂␣␫ K␱␫␯␻␯␫⑂b␯ E␲␫␴␶␩␮b␯ [Archives of Economic and Social Sciences], 11 (1931), p.

The state appears to feel more self-confident, at least domestically, because externally the situation is reversed with regard to the preceding period, as I demonstrate below. Furthermore, during the 1870s, the Greek state begins its agonizing attempts to attain a compromise with its creditors. The achievement of this compromise will allow Greece to appeal once again to foreign capital markets to obtain loans. These will serve in its first attempt to construct a rudimentary road and rail network.

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