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By Dr Brian Carr, Brian Carr, Indira Mahalingam

" ... a special one-volume reference paintings which makes a wide variety of richly diversified philosophical, moral and theological traditions obtainable to a large viewers. The significant other is split into six sections overlaying the most traditions inside Asian concept: Persian; Indian; Buddhist; chinese language; eastern; and Islamic philosophy."--Publisher's description.


Written by means of a staff of across the world well known Asian and western students, this encyclopedia examines the culture of Asian philosophy, together with Persian, Indian, Buddhist, chinese language, jap and Read more...

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His was a concept evolved, it is suggested, by Zarathushtra himself (Spiegel 1873: vol. II, 90; Kreyenbroek 1985:164–5, 169) through meditation on a traditional ritual phrase that is closely paralleled in Vedic: s raošō iδā astū, ‘may hearkening be here’ (Y. 1), cf. 1). Sraosha is linked in the Gāthās with ‘great-gifted Ashi’ (Y. 12), probably in the old religion a goddess of fortune, but in Zarathushtra’s highly ethical one the spirit of recompense bringing to each his deserts. Recompense for the ashavan was not perceived by the prophet as solely spiritual, for he thought that this good world of Mazdā’s creation was to be enjoyed.

E. of Asha (Y. 2), Vohu Manah (Y. 8) and Armaiti (Y. 4). The prophet calls him also the creator (dąmī-) of Asha (Y. 8); and using a synonym, dātar-, declares him further to be ‘Creator of all things by the Holy Spirit’ (Y. 7). How he was held to have performed the act of creation is perhaps indicated in a verse where Zarathushtra says to him: ‘In the beginning Thou didst fashion for us by Thy thought creatures and inner selves (daēnā-) and intelligences…. Thou didst create corporeal life’ (Y. 11).

III, London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, pp. 148–50. ——(1987) ‘Priests, cattle and men’, BSOAS 50:508–26. ——(1992) Zoroastrianism: Its Antiquity and Constant Vigour, Columbia Lectures on Iranian Studies 1992, Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishers. s. 7:35–40 (1996) ‘On the orthodoxy of Sasanian Zoroastrianism’ BSAOS 59:11–28 Boyce, M. with Grenet, F. (1991) A History of Zoroastrianism, vol. Brill. Cohn, N. (1993) Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come, The ancient roots of apocalyptic faith, Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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