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Is there one of these factor as 3-dimensional area? Is house inert or dynamic? Is the department of time into previous, current and destiny genuine? Does the entire of time exist by surprise? Does it development easily or via discontinuous leaps?
Simplicius surveys principles approximately position and time from the previous thousand years of Greek Philosophy and divulges the extreme ingenuity of the past due Neoplatonist theories, which he regards as marking a considerable develop on all earlier principles.

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30 The moving immaterial bodies are the celestial bodies. Materiality and immateriality are relative properties in Proclus: 'immaterial by comparison to the changeable matter' (Ms pros ten metabUtSn hulen), the sublunary are truly 'enmattered' (enula), in Tim. 46,18-20. Only the supracosmic entities, such as soul, and the intelligibles are immaterial in an absolute sense. Such immateriality, however, refers to the gross matter of bodies, not to matter as the substrate power of the universe. R. Sorabji, MSM, 114-16, alleges among other difficulties for Proclus' treatment of immateriality that he sometimes exploits a different non-relative sense of'immaterial' as 'lacking in prime matter'.

But now, having said so much concerning that theory of place that we have discussed and others that we shall discuss, 25 I shall turn to other issues concerning how, by fixing our attention on the special requirements of place and judging the discussion of it with reference to various theories, including Aristotle's, we have all inevitably fallen into many absurdities. For why on earth does the whole need a place if the parts 20 Definition of body as the three-dimensional: S. will examine this shortly, 611,11.

Aristotle's argument maintaining that no other interval is left save that of the body itself is sufficiently obscure, beginning at 'If there were an interval naturally remaining in the same location' [Physics 211bl9] and ending 'which is the place of the whole heavens' [211b29]. It has already been said that something connected with this follows from the saying that if there is an interval naturally remaining in the same location there will be an unlimited number of places, and place will change its place, and there will be a place of place, and there will be many places coinciding.

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