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By Paul S. Kemp

An historical Sith send hurtles into the long run sporting a deadly shipment which could ceaselessly break Luke Skywalker’s hopes for peace.

The Civil struggle is sort of over whilst Jedi Knight Jaden Korr reviews a strength imaginative and prescient so severe he needs to act. Enlisting salvage jocks and their send, Jaden units out into area. Someone—or something—appears to be in distress.

But what Jaden and his staff locate confounds them. A five-thousand-year-old dreadnaught—bringing with it a whole strength of Sith and one lone Jedi—has inadvertently catapulted eons from the earlier into the current. The ship’s guns will not be state-of-the-art, yet its shipment, a distinct ore that makes those that use the darkish facet approximately invincible, is unsurpassed. the traditional Jedi on board is decided to wreck the Sith. yet for Jaden, much more is at stake: for his imaginative and prescient has led him to discover a probably indestructible hazard to every little thing the Jedi Order stands for.

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