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By Claude J. Allegre (auth.), Stanley R. Hart, Levent Gülen (eds.)

This ebook comprises a set of papers awarded on the NATO complicated study Workshop (ARW) on "Crust/mantle Recycl ing at Convergence Zones," held in Antalya, Turkey, among may well 25 to 29, 1987. The workshop used to be attended through 36 earth scientists from ten international locations and 28 papers have been awarded. Crust/mantle recycling is among the such a lot primary procedures within the Earth. The examine and knowing of this approach calls for the distinction of the Earth as an entire process together with the ambience, the hydrosphere and the center, in addition to the crust and the mantle; potent interdisciplinary collaboration is accordingly necessary to our growth. The Antalya ARW gave us the chance to gather key experts from correct branches of the earth sciences and to deal with our kingdom of information. This ARW proved to be very important achieve an interdisciplinary, mutual knowing between experts from different fields corresponding to isotope and hint point geochemistry, mineral physics, theoretical geophysics, seismology, experimental petrology, and structural geology.

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F. 'Chemistry of submarine hydrothermal solutions at 21°N, East Pacific Rise. 1 Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 49: 2197-2220, 1985. , and Vidal, P. ' Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 12: 1875-1886, 1985. , Vidal, P. element geochemistry of sediments from the Barbados RidgeDemerara Plain region, Atlantic Ocean. ' Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 12: 1875-86, 1985. , Hart, Earth Planet. Sci. S . , 11: 'Chemical geodynamics,' 493-571, 1986. Ann. Rev. HYDROTHERMAL ALTERATION OF THE OCEANIC CRUST Francis Albarede and Annie Michard, Centre de Recherches petrographiques et Geochimiques and Ecole National e Superieure de Geologie 54501 Vandoeuvre-les Nancy Cedex, France Recycling of the oceanic crust is potentially a dominant process in the formation of OIB mantle sources (Hofmann et ale 1978; 1986) and is a significant contribution to the flux of material between the continent and the depleted mantle (Albarede and Michard, 1986).

The field bounding all available oceanic basalt data (both MORB and OIB) is shown for reference, along with the four mantle components of Zindler & Hart (1986). The solid curve marked "sediment" represents the locus of sediment subducted at various times in the past (see text for details of this model). 2 ppm, assuming this to be a firm lower limit. The locus is now almost horizontal, but still clearly bearing no similarity whatsoever to the oceanic array (MORB + OIB). Note that mixing arrays on this figure are linear, and that mixtures of altered crust (from the locus) with any of the possible mantle components (DMM, EMI, EMIl, or HlMU) will typically generate negative-sloped arrays, in contrast to the almost universally positive sloped arrays defined by individual oceanic islands.

H. 'Alteration of the oceanic crust: processes and timing. 1 Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 52: 311-327, 1981. Veizer, J. , ,87srj86Sr in Precambrian carbonates as an index of crustal evolution I . Geochim. ~A~c~t=a 40: 905-914, 1976. , Measures, C. F. 'Chemistry of submarine hydrothermal solutions at 21°N, East Pacific Rise. 1 Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 49: 2197-2220, 1985. , and Vidal, P. ' Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 12: 1875-1886, 1985. , Vidal, P. element geochemistry of sediments from the Barbados RidgeDemerara Plain region, Atlantic Ocean.

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