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85% (w/v) sodium chloride, according to the procedures described by Chun et al. and Xiao et al. [32,33]. In several experiments, some male rats were vasectomized, and after 14 days they were used to mate with females to induce pseudo-pregnancy (PD, PD1 = day of vaginal plug positive). Immunohistochemistry In the designed time points the animals were killed by cervical dislocation under anaesthetic and the uteri were collected. In some experiments the implantation sites on day 6 and 7 were separated from the inter-implantation segments, the corrected uterine materials were fixed immediately in 10% neutral buffered formalin solution (Beijing Chemical Reagents Co.

Beijing, China) and embedded in paraffin. Serial 5 μm sections of the uterine tissues were deparaffinized and rehydrated through graded ethanol for immunohistochemical analysis. Microscopic Assessment and Statistical Analysis The uterine samples from 3 rats in each group were analyzed. Experiments were repeated at least three times, from which one taken from at least three similar results was presented as a representative of the immunocytochemical data in the group. , Sunnyvale, CA). In order to make the statistical significance of quantitative difference credible, three slides from each of six animals of each group were examined (n = 6), and 40 spots were randomly selected in every specific location of the specific cell types.

No fluorescence was observed in the contralateral horn treated with the unlabeled ODNs as the control (Fig. 5C). Increased Expression of Heat Shock Protein 105 57 Figure 5. Fluorescence micrographs of rat uteri after intrauterine administration of FITC-ODNs. 5 hours after administration. (B) 48 hours later, a moderate fluorescence in the stromal compartment was observed after treatment with FITC- ODNs (either sense or antisense). (C) Uterine horn treated with unlabeled control A-ODNs displaying no fluorescence.

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