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Especially in cases where fuel has not been completely removed from the installation, contingencies should be incorporated into emergency planning in order to deal with accidents and incidents involving the fuel, such as the potential loss of coolant for the fuel if it is in a fuel pool. 30. Appropriate physical protection and surveillance of the reactor site should be maintained during decommissioning [24]. This should be given particular considera- 30 tion if any phase of decommissioning is deferred for an extended period.

31 8. 1. On completion of decommissioning, appropriate records should be retained. In accordance with the national legal framework, these will be held and maintained for purposes such as confirmation of completion of decommissioning activities in accordance with the approved plan, recording the disposal of wastes, materials and premises, and responding to possible liability claims. The records to be assembled should be commensurate with the complexity of the installation being decommissioned and the associated hazard potential.

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