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By Sylvia Engdahl

Starship pilot Terry Radnor is questioned and outraged whilst he's without notice recalled from interstellar exploration after which, simply whilst he has get entangled in a mystery undertaking providing him notable actual and psychic functions, he's transferred to a cruiser for a journey of accountability he expects to hate. however the cruiser's undertaking proves to be in contrast to whatever he can have imagined. Advancing swiftly in his occupation, Terry unearths success in love and in dedication to a cause—until an ironic coincidence tears him clear of every little thing he cares approximately. he's pressured to construct an entire new existence, faraway from all that has formerly mattered to him. Is there any wish that he can satisfy his pledge to guard the area whose security is crucial--more an important than a person else knows--to the way forward for humankind?

This sequence of novels, previously titled the Flame Trilogy, has been break up into sequence: The Hidden Flame and The emerging Flame. this can be the 1st ebook within the moment sequence, that is a separate tale set centuries later that doesn't rely on having learn the 1st sequence. not like a few of Engdahl's previous novels, those will not be YA books and aren't applicable for middle-school readers.

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