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By Stephen J. Derby

Interpreting strategies for the sensible layout of an automatic technique, this reference presents an enormous quantity of data to layout a brand new computerized computing device or write standards for a computing device to accomplish an automatic process-focusing at the many current automation options utilized in fresh historical past and showcasing the automation reviews and proposals of the writer and his associates.
Steps to Automation
Justifying Automation
The Automation layout Process
Feeders and Conveyors
Bringing New Automation to Market
System Specifications
Packaging Machines.

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This is usually a luxury in today’s economy. It is vital that the automation designer or design team understand the processes that are to be automated. System requirements, such as cookies that must be rolled, need to be challenged and alternatives presented to the automation customer. To build automation that does it step by step as a human would perform it has been shown in this chapter to not always be the optimal method, but if it is a new product, and the tasks to be automated cannot be performed reliably by humans, then one will need to demand time and support to determine the process parameters before the designing can start.

Many of the human tasks in a USPS processing center are where people are feeding odd shape envelopes and/or bulk mail (magazines) into current Copyright © 2005 by Marcel Dekker 32 Chapter 3 automation sortation machines. The sortation machines do a great job considering the range and quality of mail that is handled every day, but the human operator is basically a slave to the machine, keeping it well fed. The operators risk repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, and many workers there do get long-term disability care that costs the USPS a great amount.

If the owners were willing to invest the amount such that after one year’s time the automation has been paid for, the total for the automation would be almost $70,000. ) Added to this are the intangibles, where workers cooking French fries are not always excited about their work, and some are likely to be late or call in sick. The process is well defined, so product quality is not a huge variable. The author thinks that it might be possible to build and sell automation to this industry at this price, assuming that dozens if not hundreds or thousands of restaurants purchase copies of these machines, so as to spread out engineering design costs and to obtain cost savings by making multiple automation machines in batches.

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