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1985). The first expression of LI at mid-blastula (Stick and Hausen, 1985) and of LI1 at mid-gastrula (Wolin and Kirschner, 1986) occurs independently of transcription and therefore must be attributable to stage-specific activation of maternal mRNA, before both somatic lamins are expressed from the embryonic genes. LIII is also transiently translated at mid-blastula from maternal mRNA (reviewed by Stick, 1987; Stick and Dreyer, 1989). Maternal mRNA coding for L1, LII , and LIII can be found in oocytes as early as stage II (Dumont, 1972).

Mueller, F .. Walker. P .. Aeby. P .. Neuhaus. H .. Back, E.. and Tobler. H .. 1982, Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of highly repetitive DNA sequences contained in the eliminated genome of Ascaris lumbricoides. in: Prog. Clin. BioI. Res. 85A:127-138. Murti. K. • and Prescott. D. M .. 1983. Replication forms of the gene-sized DNA molecules of hypotrichous ciliates. Mol. Cell BioI. 3:1562-1566. • Shiota. • Nakai. , and Okubo. S .. 1980. Inverted terminal repeat sequence in the macronuclear DNA of Stylonychia pustulata, Gene 10:301-306.

The final copy number is about 45 for each molecule. However, the gene encoding rRNA is derived from a single copy of the gene in the micronucleus (Yao and Gall, 1977) but is differentially amplified to yield about 9000 copies in the mature macronucleus (Yao and Gall, 1979). , 1976), but the gene for rRNA is present in 100,000 copies. The 100,000 copies are derived from probably two, but no more than a few, copies of the gene (per haploid genome) in the micronucleus of Oxytricha (J. C. Chappell and D.

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