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By Paul du Gay, Stuart Hall, Linda Janes, Hugh Mackay, Keith Negus

In recent times `culture' has turn into a significant situation in quite a lot of fields and disciplines. This e-book introduces the most great and theoretical strands of this `turn to tradition' in the course of the medium of a selected case learn: that of the Sony Walkman. utilizing the instance of the Walkman, the ebook exhibits how and why cultural practices and associations have come to play this type of the most important half in our lives, and introduces many of the vital rules, suggestions and strategies of research fascinated with accomplishing cultural stories.

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Morita's reas oning was drivenby his belief that itwouldbe consideredrude or discourteous for one person to listen to musió alone. This conception of the imagined consumer was represented in the some of the first press advertísements for the Walkman and the Stowaway. In the first Japanese televisión campaign, a commercial was produced that depicted a 'very tall American woman and an oíd Japanese gentleman' who were both wearing headphones connected to the same Walkman from which they were sharing the music (Ueyama, 1982).

Rooted in particular practices and expressed in particular material cultural artefacts - in the rituals of the tea ceremony, in the cultívation of the B onsai, or in the spiritual exercises of Zen Buddhism, for example - they are held to provide a frame of reference or a tradition which has given Japanese culture a distinctive coherence and shape over time and which has helped to mark it off from other, different, but similarly well-bounded cultures (BBC, 1991; Tobin, 1992). As we mentioned above, the Walkman has oftenbeen represented as the latterday embodiment of this 'traditional' Japanese design aesthetic.

This model also had another original featuie: the tapehead was installed ontheback of the cassette housing cover. This mechanism, which assured that the tape made even contact with the head when insertad, achieved considerable space-savings over the conventional mechanism in the TPS-L2 which moved the head when the playback button was pushed down. Although the model had originally been envisaged as a cassette tape-recorder, the company decided to use the design for the next generation of Sony Walkmans.

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