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By Evelyn Robson Strahlendorf

For the ardent collector and (or somebody who as soon as owned a doll, here's a background of the dolls which have been made and enjoyed in Canada.

Doll amassing, a well-liked pursuit in Europe and the us, has been transforming into quickly in Canada. Evelyn Strahlendorf has compiled a reference paintings that lines the advance of dolls in Canada and of the that produces them. It comprises the dates, names, and features of approximately a thousand Canadian dolls from prehistoric instances to the present.

Coverage starts off with Inuit and different local dolls, then turns to the dolls that experience survived from the times of early ecu payment and the dolls of numerous of the ethnic cultures which make the Canadian mosaic. a lot of the ebook is dedicated to the paintings of industrial dollmakers and the evolution in their dolls, together with the historical past of every corporation with information regarding their items, development, and achievements. the producing technique is tested because it built from bisque and composition via quite a few plastics to the dolls of today.

Separate chapters take care of dolls that painting celebrities (including Barbara Ann Scott, the Dionne quintuplets, and Wayne Gretsky), dolls which are greater than playthings (used in monitors or advertising), the Eaton's attractiveness dolls that have been the most well-liked dolls in Canada for a few years, and dolls created via artists.

The dolls replicate the altering models and tradition of Canada. Their garments is usually the newest popular and fabrics; their talents not just contain speaking, wiggling, and consuming yet lately expand to bilingualism.

With few exceptions, each doll defined has been for my part tested via the author.

This booklet is a priceless reference software for doll creditors, museums, libraries, old purchasers, doll shops, and flea industry operators. simply because Canada has been exporting dolls for part a century, it's going to gain creditors across the world as well.

It can be meant for a different type of fanatic Mrs. Strahlendorf calls the closet collector. There are tens of millions of such humans in North the US who've dolls and should acquire dolls yet don't admit their excitement to others.

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Author's collection. CS3 AW5 Scandinavian. 1967. Approximately 13 in. (33 cm). Cloth and wire body. Clay head, painted features; wool hair. Mark: Kashi embroidered on the hem. Scandinavian style clothing. From the Mosaic of Canada. Made by Kashi Carter. From the collection of Mrs. D. Steele, Ottawa, Ont. AW5 56 DOLLS OF CANADA AW1 XG31 Scottish. 1967. Approximately 13 in. (33 cm). Cloth and wire body. Clay head, painted features, and wool hair. Mark: Kashi embroidered on the hem. Scottish style clothing.

5 in. (24 cm). Cloth head attached to a bottle that is padded and covered with cloth. Head is stuffed and the face is painted to produce a smooth surface; features painted; eyes painted blue; hair painted black. Original well made dress. Handmade hat and shawl. Author's collection. 1880. 5 in. 5 cm). Wooden nine piece body, jointed hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows. Painted features; black painted hair; closed mouth. No mark. Childhood doll of Mrs. Lillian May who was given the doll in 1900 in England and brought it to Canada with her.

B. BF8 BJ36A BJ34A French. Date unknown. D'AULNAY CHARNISSAY. 19 in. 5 cm). Cloth body, papier-mache hands. Papier-mache head, painted features; mohair wig. Unmarked. Original clothing. Cloth suit, lace trimmed collar and cuffs, sash, French boots, felt hat with plume. Made by Mrs. W. B. B. BJ34A 46 DOLLS OF CANADA XG33 French Canadian. Date unknown. Troupe de Danse "Les Sortileges". Man, 12 in. 5 in. 5 cm). Cloth and wire bodies. Moulded felt faces, painted features; man, brown mohair wig; woman, black wool braids.

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