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I go back to my notebook while Franklin continues. “Oh,” he says, all innocent. “You can look it up online? ” “Pssst,” I say again. I hold up the notebook. Can the viewer find out if it’s been fixed? Franklin looks over again. This time, reading my note, he makes a torqued-up expression implying: Duh. “That’s interesting,” Franklin says. “But, hey, quick question. ” As if the thought just entered his mind. Franklin’s a pro. ” Say he’s thinking of buying it in a used-car lot. This time Franklin’s look verges on exasperated.

Unless it’s something really—I don’t have words for how big it has to be. Kevin sits down beside me. Unheard of. The walls close in as I struggle to predict the future. Whatever he’s going to tell me has got to be life changing. For someone. But what if it’s not me? What if it’s Kevin’s life that’s changing? Maybe he’s dying? No. Maybe he’s quitting. My fear evaporates as my instinct kicks in. Sometimes I just know things. And I’ve learned to trust those times. Kevin is quitting. It’s not my job at Channel 3 that’s ending.

So I have news,” I say as we pull away from the hotel. Trying to keep my tone light. ” “He’s quitting,” Josh says. He punches a few buttons on the dashboard radio, tuning it away from raucously grating sports talk. “Who changed the station? Anyway, I predict he’s giving up TV to become a used-car salesman. Why not use his skills where he can really—” “Yeah, well, funny. But yes, Mr. Clairvoyant. ” I adjust the boxes in my lap, hoping it won’t be the only time I get wedding cake, and turn to Josh.

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