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By Scott H. Decker

Drug Smugglers on Drug Smuggling examines the organizational constructions of drug smuggling from Colombia to the US.  occupation drug smugglers describe a chain of frequently disconnected networks that let smugglers to top arrange their enterprise in a fashion that may reduce the hazards of apprhension and maximize profits.  

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So they have an office, and they have scouts looking for merchandise. (13) So despite the money involved, despite the cultural issues, the distribution network was characterized by an informal nature. One smuggler described the function of the office in the following way. When you get there, the first thing you see when you come in, it says no gambling, no drinking. Then you go in there and there is pool tables. People are sitting around and talking, and then there’s a blackboard with arrivals and departures, and it says like .

He doesn’t care what it is, what he’s growing. Because the trafficker is not, is not growing the coke. It’s some guy in the jungle doing that. (13) One smuggler mentioned that organizing a load of drugs for transport was not as simple as it might appear. There were a series of payoffs. The farmer was paid off by the chemist, who was paid off by the broker, who was paid off by the office. It was also necessary to pay for transport from Peru to Colombia and to spend money for protection from law enforcement or guerillas.

The office also negotiated the price for transportation with the owner, through the broker. So, this guy in the office says, “I charge for the transportation of the kilo. ” Plus or minus insurance. The owner of the merchandise is to accept whether he pays that much money for the transportation because he probably knows that the price in the market right here is $14,000. ” (13) Price is impacted by the transportation cost, which is a function of time, money, and risk of the route and method. The owners choose certain offices based on their routes.

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