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By Craig Anderton

The way to construct pre-amps, tone controls, ring modulators, mixers, and lots of different reasonably cheap digital components. Written in easy language, with thousands of transparent illustrations and step by step directions.

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Radio Shack-not mail order, b'ut carriesa line of electronic parts. Various locations; check the Yellow Pages. Solid Sta³e Sales-Box 74, Somerville,MA 02143. Components,semiconductors,somesurplus. 11 Before you do any building, you need tools and a knowledge of how to care for them. This chapter covers drills, hacksaws,files, pliers,cutters, strippers, screwdrivers,solderingequipment,plexiglasstools, care of tools, and safety tips. The parts cost of electronicprojectsisn't too high-in fact, ODceyou learn the ropes of parts buying, you'll find that you can duplicateequipmentthat sellsfor hundredsof dollarswith one-fifth the cashoutlay.

But what makes this insuiation unique is that it is composed of a thin layer of SOfie substance that melts when sufficient beat is applied. SD, artel you've wrapped a rew tums around the component lead, you beat up the connection with a soldering iron and feed in SOfie solder. The beat melts the insulation, and voila--instant soldered connec-tion. Luckily, the insulation melts only in the immediate vicinity of the conn In circuits where you nee onnect a number of points together, the wiring pencil is a v timesaving technique.

The remedy in this caseis to lightly Tubthe board with fiDesteelwool. Component leads caD also become dirty or oxidized; use a rubber eraser,light sandpaper,or steelwool to cleanorf the dirt. 4. Heat up the area to be solderedbeforefeeding in the solder. Don't just use the point of the iron's tip to solder;usethe whole tip to beat the surfacesto bejoined, as shown in Figure 4-1. After heatingup the joint for a couple of seconds,feedin somesolder and keep the iron Figure 4-1 in position until the solderllows freely over the connection.

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