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Media Education Across Europe

Schooling in and concerning the media is increasing throughout Europe and, just like the industries it experiences, is altering quickly. the way forward for media schooling is an issue of stay quandary in all ecu nations, as educators and practitioners in the course of the continent come jointly to profit from one another and to devise for the alterations to come back.

Airwaves: a collection of radio editorials from the Golden Apple

AirWAVES! , a set of greater than thirty years of editorials and observation given by means of William O'Shaughnessy, features a extensive spectrum of Westchester existence, from politics to simply simple voters. O'Shaughnessy, hailed The Squire of Westchester,by former governor Mario Cuomo, brings jointly a retrospective for the Golden Apple, Westchester County, offering the reader with not just a slice of his articulate kind and swish character, but additionally an historiography of occasions and happenings in and round the county.

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4. Untie that tongue News anchor: Prime Minister’s Questions now from Tony Black, Tony Blair, back with some bleary-eyed nose …er …bleary-eyed news …I’m getting this all wrong, aren’t I? BBC Six O’Clock News 5. Read the script The following exchange occurred on US television during a traffic report that involved two unruly cows. News anchor #1: Not many cars were moving, but moo-ing could be heard on the Capital Beltway around Washington, DC, earlier this morning. A tractor-trailer transporting Black and Gus – [one of the cows is shown on-screen] there’s Black or Gus – was stopped on the side of the Beltway while the driver changed a flat tyre.

You’re prepared to try it, are you? Contestant: Yup, yup. Ainsley Harriott: Ooh, that’s always good, I like a girl who likes a black sausage [raises eyebrow at camera]. Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook, BBC One Pooooeeeee! It’s hard to maintain your decorum when faced with a nasty honk – especially if you’re live on television. Just thank the Lord smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet! ’ VETERAN BROADCASTER DAVID FROST An assault on the senses Pregnant newscaster Kate Silverton nearly vomited during an interview with British comedian David Walliams during an interview on the BBC’s News 24 channel in 2011.

Newsnight, BBC Two ‘Do I sometimes set out to wrong-foot people? ’ Jeremy Paxman at it again Lessons in Newsreading It’s an important job that takes verve, intelligence and significant powers of concentration. If you’re keen to take the plunge and become a newsreader, whatever you do, learn from the mistakes of these professionals. 1. Remember to pause The script: This is BBC World News. I’m Jonathan Charles [PAUSE]. Kept hidden for almost two decades and forced to bear children … How it was read by the newsreader: This is BBC World News.

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