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By Henry Warson (auth.), Mohamed S. El-Aasser, John W. Vanderhoff (eds.)

It is very applicable that this symposium at the emulsion polymeriza­ tion of vinyl acetate used to be held in attractiveness of the economic value of poly(vinyl acetate) and vinyl acetate copolymers, and their quite distinctive homes between emulsion polymers commonly. Poly( vinyl acetate) latexes have been the 1st artificial polymer latexes to be made on a advertisement scale: their construction utilizing polyvinyl alcohol as emulsifier all started in Germany through the mid-1930s and has persisted to the current day, transforming into gradually with the years. certainly, poly(vinyl acetate) latexes ready with polyvinyl alcohol are nonetheless one of many mainstays of the adhesives undefined. With the passing of time, despite the fact that, vinyl acetate copolymers were constructed: copolymers with maleate esters similar to dibutyl maleate, acrylate esters equivalent to ethyl acrylate and butyl acrylate, versatic acid esters, and, extra lately, ethylene. those flexible copolymers have chanced on expanding use in additional subtle adhesives with really good houses, adhesives for clay coatings on paper, carpet backing, and inside and external paints. therefore greater than forty five years after the 1st advertisement creation of vinyl acetate latexes, their use remains to be transforming into, either in real amounts and diversified purposes. the economic significance of vinyl acetate latexes makes the mechanism and kinetics in their emulsion polymerization of functional in addition to medical interest.

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Thus the results from both previous investigations are reproducible using a common technique and a common source of materials. The results presented in both Figs. 1 and 2 are the reaction rates observed at emulsifier levels of either 2·7 g/liter H20 or 10·9 g/liter H20. No designation is made of the two emulsifier levels as there was no observable effect of emulsifier level on the results observed during this investigation. This agrees with the results reported by Litt and is also supported by the results presented by Friis, who reported only a 0·12 ± 0·02 power dependence of the reaction rate on the emulsifier level.

L. ZOLLARS water, normally supplied to the laboratories was used without further purification. Potassium persulfate, used as the initiator, and potassium sulfate, used to adjust ionic strength, were reagent grade chemicals obtained from Merck, Inc. and used without further treatment. The emulsifier, sodium lauryl sulfate, was obtained as a 99% pure powder from Alcolac, Inc. (Sipex WD crystals). A similarly pure grade of the other emulsifier used, sodium cetyl sulfate, could not be obtained. ) by a process described in a previous report.!

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