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By Marsha E Ackermann, Michael Schroeder Marsha E Ackermann, Mark Whitters

This finished and authoritative set is wealthy in gains to make the research of worldwide background more uncomplicated for college students to appreciate. prepared in six chronological eras that span prehistory to the current day, this chronological process follows the way in which international historical past is taught and reports within the school room.

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E. a nomadic people called the Xiongnu had raided and warred with the sedentary Chinese. Chinese victories and expansion after c. e. caused the Xiongnu to migrate westward, creating a snowball effect on the Gothic peoples who had settled on the frontiers of Rome for decades. , the Goths fled into the Roman Empire. e. e. Attila the Hun launched a devastating attack and advanced all the way to Rome. e. controlled the Indian subcontinent, but its cultural influence went far beyond it. Indian Buddhist missionaries began proselytizing in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Afghanistan, and Central Asia, bringing a new religion, as well as Indian civilization.

The llama was used in the Andes Mountains in South America. e. Over the centuries people as far separated as the Celts and Chinese adopted the horse to great advantage. However, at first the horses were mainly used to pull war chariots; later for cavalry, and not commonly for agricultural labor. Human diet throughout the world largely consisted of cereal grains, beans, vegetable oils, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, occasional fresh meat, and fermented beverages made from either fruit or grains.

In the short term this ended the problems with the Goths but set the stage for problems for the Western Roman Empire. With the peace the Eastern Roman Empire gained a source of soldiers for its army. These soldiers   Aeneid would eventually rebel and march against Rome. In 401 the Gothic leader Alaric led a Goth-Roman army on an invasion of Italy. The invasion was turned back in 402, and Alaric finally agreed to stop hostilities in 403. e. See also late barbarians; Roman Empire. Further reading: Collins, Roger.

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