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A part of the vintage Michigan Rainbow series.English Sentence constitution provides and clarifies all points of the sentence for starting and intermediate scholars. Oral drills, examples, and written workouts shape a development of normal evaluation and self-evaluation. every one lesson is coordinated with English trend Practices.

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STRANGER: And does not false opinion also think that things which most certainly exist do not exist at all? THEAETETUS: Yes. STRANGER: And here, again, is falsehood? THEAETETUS: Falsehood−−yes. STRANGER: And in like manner, a false proposition will be deemed to be one which asserts the non−existence of things which are, and the existence of things which are not. THEAETETUS: There is no other way in which a false proposition can arise. STRANGER: There is not; but the Sophist will deny these statements.

THEAETETUS: We have. STRANGER: I think that there is a point at which such a division is possible. SOPHIST 43 Sophist THEAETETUS: Where? STRANGER: Of education, one method appears to be rougher, and another smoother. THEAETETUS: How are we to distinguish the two? STRANGER: There is the time−honoured mode which our fathers commonly practised towards their sons, and which is still adopted by many−−either of roughly reproving their errors, or of gently advising them; which varieties may be correctly included under the general term of admonition.

STRANGER: When long speeches are answered by long speeches, and there is public discussion about the just and unjust, that is forensic controversy. THEAETETUS: Yes. STRANGER: And there is a private sort of controversy, which is cut up into questions and answers, and this is commonly called disputation? THEAETETUS: Yes, that is the name. SOPHIST 38 Sophist STRANGER: And of disputation, that sort which is only a discussion about contracts, and is carried on at random, and without rules of art, is recognized by the reasoning faculty to be a distinct class, but has hitherto had no distinctive name, and does not deserve to receive one from us.

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