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By Marcel Boumans (auth.), Henk W. de Regt, Stephan Hartmann, Samir Okasha (eds.)

This is a set of top of the range examine papers within the philosophy of technological know-how, deriving from papers awarded on the moment assembly of the ecu Philosophy of technology organization in Amsterdam, October 2009.

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The list goes on. It also 30 A. Cordero includes interest in the technology of clock synchronization at the Patent Office, and public discussion of the diplomacy of time-zones (Galison 2004) To Einstein, Lorentz’s contraction hypothesis was put together just to save the stationary ether. ” And on the subject of space, he divested Lorentz’s ether of its last mechanical quality—its immobility. Between 1910 and 1912 Einstein repeatedly made clear that, in his view, the principle of the constancy of light together with the principle of relativity rendered the ether superfluous.

Although social cognition and ToM, strictly speaking, are not moral capacities, they are important prerequisites for morality, and if sex differences exist in social cognition and ToM, it would make sense to expect some parallel differences in moral capacities like moral reasoning, judgment or orientation. Given this variety of psychological and philosophical answers to the question of sex differences in human moral traits, it is hard to say conclusively if there are any 2 Mating Intelligence, Moral Virtues, and Methodological Vices 17 or how large or important are they.

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