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Alberich had spent such a lot of his formative years within the Karsite army faculties education to be an officer. because the son of an impoverished mom, he had no different occupation selection open to him. And Alberich had risen within the ranks with virtually unnatural velocity. He built services with many guns and excelled in educational matters with an ease that used to be the envy of his classmates. yet in truth, the reclusive Alberich studied hard and long, pushing himself ruthlessly.

In conflict, Alberich had continually had a type of "sixth sense" approximately issues which have been approximately to happen--when and from the place the enemy could assault. Instinctively, he his this skill, for the Sunpriests stored cautious look forward to a person showing "demon powers" which have been the hallmark of Karse's maximum enemy--the witch-nation of Valdemar. these they stuck have been "cleansed" within the fires of Vkandis Sunlord.

Both Alberich's ability and mystery served him good within the military of Karse, and while Alberich turned considered one of Karse's youngest captains, he got a distinct gift--a robust white stallion "liberated" from the enemy. yet this honor used to be in simple terms a distraction, for the Sunpriests had laid a capture which even Alberich's unusual foresight couldn't predict...

Saved from burning as a witch while this ordinary white stallion braved flames and carried him over the border into Valdemar, he was once healed through an analogous enemies he have been taught to hate his whole lifestyles. although he knew he may well by no means back go back to his domestic, Alberich additionally knew he may possibly by no means really develop into a Valdemaran. How might Alberich stay precise to his personal humans and nonetheless keep his honor whereas aiding to coach the direst enemy of Karse?

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