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By Murray P. Pendarvis, John L. Crawley

Exploring Biology within the Laboratory is a complete guide acceptable for one- or two-semester introductory normal biology lab classes. Clearly-written and interesting actions emphasize the solidarity of all dwelling issues and the evolutionary forces that experience led to, and proceed to behave on, the range that we see throughout us. 3-hole drilled.

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5. At certain times it will be necessary to support the coverslip to prevent crushing the organisms that are being observed. A small piece of lens tissue at each corner of the coverslip or small pieces of broken coverslips may be placed beneath the top coverslip. 6. Many times when observing living specimens, they appear to move rapidly. To slow them down, place a drop of a prepared slowing solution, methyl cellulose or dishwashing liquid, in the drop of water. The result will be equivalent to a person swimming in a pool of molasses.

Click the oil immersion objective into place. Focus on the specimen using the fine adjustment knob only. The oil immersion objective will dip into the oil. 5. Sketch and record the name and magnification of the specimen below. Low power Prepared slides are commonly used in the biology laboratory. These slides are the products of tedious work. Many of the specimens on prepared slides have been stained for better observation. The slides must be carried by the edge or the end, never placing your fingers over the viewing area.

This language is mathematics. —Galileo (1564–1642) Overview What is the price of oil per barrel? How many milliliters are in a tablespoon? What is your respiratory rate? How many grams of fat are in that cookie? What does this job pay per hour? Numbers are an integral part of our everyday lives from checking gas mileage to determining a batting average. Seldom does a day pass in which we do not use mathematics or measure something. It is said that mathematics is the backbone of science. To succeed in scientific endeavors, we have to acquire sound mathematics and measurement skills (Fig.

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