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By J. K. O'Regan, A. Lévy-Schoen

Eye circulate learn from quite a number disciplines is gifted during this ebook. Contributions from world wide learn theoretical and utilized facets of eye pursuits, together with classical biocybernetic versions, body structure, pathology, ocular exploration, examining, ergonomics/human components, and microcomputer calibration concepts

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Read or Download Eye Movements from Physiology to Cognition. Selected/Edited Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Eye Movements, Dourdan, France, September 1985 PDF

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The postero-dorsal blind region (black a n d diagonal hatching) is only approximate- 1 tely indicated. 48 S. Bloch, M. Lemeignan and C. Martinoya Visual fields and functional specialization The ensemble of t h e above described peculiarities of t h e pigeon's visual system suggests that frontal a n d lateral viewing are functionally differentiated. g. H o d o s , Leibowitz & Bonbright, 1 9 7 6 ) , w e have done a comparative analysis of frontal a n d lateral visual functions i n this b i r d , u s i n g a method of "behavioural fixation" (Bloch & Martinoya, 1 9 8 3 ) · The collected information strongly supports t h e existence i n t h e pigeon of a double mode of vision : o n e for frontal binocular viewing, mediated b y t h e area dorsalis, specialized i n t h e fine resolution a n d depth judgements of static near objects (Martinoya & Bloch, I98O ; Bloch & Martinoya, 1 9 8 2 ) , a n d t h e other for lateral viewing, mediated b y t h e fovea centralis, specialized i n t h e detection of distant m o v i n g targets (Martinoya, Rivaud & Bloch, 1 9 8 3 ) .

2 A-C: Distributions of saccadic reaction times with central (A) and peripheral (B,C) visual attention. The circle marks the position of the attention cue, the cross marks the direction of gaze, the square indicates the target position. In the left part of A,B,C the gap condition was used, respectively, in the right part the overlap condition. Note the similarity of the gap situations and the similarity of the overlap situations and the dissimilarity between the corresponding gap and overlap conditions.

Subjects were placed 67 cm in front of a translucent screen with their head stabilized by a chin rest. Visual stimuli were projected onto the screen by light emitting diodes. In all experiments the subjects had to first keep their eyes fixed straight ahead on the center of the screen at which a bright fixation point was presented in one part of the experiments. In most experiments the visual target for the saccade appeared in random order at 4 deg to the right or left from the center of the screen.

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