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By Margarita Palacios (auth.)

Political violence is frequently understood by way of rationality and strategic reasoning, or by way of mental breakdown because of structural ameliorations of society. Such ways, besides the fact that, let us comprehend merely the ´tip of the iceberg´ of a miles deeper social phenomenon. Margarita Palacios analyzes political antagonism as expressing that means and wish whereas bringing to the fore the paradoxical dynamic of morality and delight which accompanies political violence. Her standpoint trained via social thought and psychoanalysis indicates the interaction of worry, hate, ethical claims, and desire.

This booklet is effective interpreting for researchers and scholars from the social sciences and arts, specifically within the fields of sociology, political technological know-how, cultural reports, Latin American reports, and the rising box of psycho-social studies.

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Quoted by Fink, 2000, p. ) A normal neurotic person (in their obsessive or hysterical modalities) is someone who has gone through repression, which means they have gone firstly through alienation (jouissance was given up and they joined the symbolic order) and secondly, separation (the lack was named, through separation from the mother’s demand). The psychotic, on the other hand, has not entered the symbolic world (the psychotic has no unconscious), and the pervert only went through alienation and not separation.

This uncertainty about what the other really wants leads us to fantasy. Fantasy functions as a construction, as an overproduction of meaning. It is an imaginary scenario filling out the void, the opening of the desire of the other. ” (Zizek, 1997, p. ) Fantasy plays the role of concealing this inconsistency. It gives a framework through which we experience the world as consistent and meaningful. The nature of this narrative is still more complex than it appears at first sight. The transcendental narrative not only establishes the law, it also frames desire: “what the law prohibits, (unconscious) desire seeks” (Fink, 2000, p.

In Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, Freud (1959) states that the earliest emotional tie between a person and another person consists of identification: “Identification is known to psychoanalysis as the earliest expression of an emotional tie with another person. It plays a part in the early history of the Oedipus complex. A little boy will exhibit a special interest in his father; he would like to grow like him and be like him, and take his place everywhere. ” (Freud, 1959, p. ) At the same time however, the child develops a true sexual object-cathexis with his mother.

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