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By Bill Schelly

Within the Fifties and '60s, a grassroots stream arose to have fun comedian books and strips, that have been turning into more and more vital to American pop culture. This vast team of ardent readers and creditors had little formal constitution till the Nineteen Fifties. because the artwork and literary shape grew in recognition, a devoted center begun development an equipped community. Profiled listed below are ninety humans on the center of the circulate: indexers, buyers, fanzine publishers, conference organizers, writers, artists, lively creditors and pros.

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Recipients of the fanzine (there were about 50) were “cordially invited to attend the Tally Party to count the votes in the Alley Poll. , Warren, Mich. RSVP. ” All told, 19 fans showed up for what is considered the first sizable gathering of comics fans. , Bob Butts, Ronn Foss, Don Glut, Grass Green, Keith Greene, Fred Jackson, Russ Keeler, Chuck Moss, Larry Raybourne, Jim Rossow, Gerry Sorek, Don Thompson and Maggie Thompson, Mike Tuohey, Mike Vosburg and Jerry himself. Chuck Moss had come from farthest away, hailing from Nebraska, and the Cleveland fans (Larry, Russ, Don and Maggie) had come a good distance as well.

Jerry penned numerous letters to DC letter columns, sometimes under pseudonyms. In August, Bails wrote to Fox suggesting a revival of the Atom, since Hawkman was slated to make his debut in December. He and Roy concocted an idea for a revived Atom in a letter to editor Julius Schwartz in early December. In January 1961, Schwartz responded that by sheer coincidence, he and his staff had been planning their own Atom revival. About this time, Jerry was thinking about publishing a JLA newsletter that he would distribute to contacts made through the letter pages in Julie’s comics.

In 1997, though ailing from cancer, Howard and his wife, Reva, attended the Fandom Reunion in Chicago, where he met his long-time friends and collaborators Jerry Bails and Grass Green for the first and only time. He succumbed to kidney and liver failure on July 29, 1998. Howard’s massive Golden Age Comic Books Index, his life’s work as an indexer, was published posthumously by his longtime friend Bob Klein. The rights to the Doctor Weird character were purchased from Howard by Gary Carlson and Edward DeGeorge, and the character subsequently appeared in issues of Big Bang Comics, and his own self-titled comic book.

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