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Считается, что если бы операция под Галлиполи оказалась успешной, то Первая мировая война закончилась бы как минимум на два года раньше, в 1916, а значит ...

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9km). The British attacked the forts at Sedd el Bahr with eight rounds per turret from both battlecruisers, while the French attacked the forts at Kum Kale in Asia. The object was to observe the effect of ship’s guns on forts and, indeed, a magazine at the Sedd el Bahr fort blew up, damaging the fort. The ships had longerranging guns than the forts, stayed outside the cannon range of the forts and suffered no damage. However, the attack thoroughly alarmed the Ottomans, who increased the intensity of their defensive preparations.

The beaches themselves were covered by company-sized elements and the divisional artilleries were positioned centrally to support the divisional sectors. 20 Across the straits near the ruins of Troy in Asia, the Menderes Detachment had grown to divisional strength and began similar defensive preparations at Kum Kale and the adjacent coastlines. 22 Fahri established his headquarters at Maidos to command and control both the mobile divisions on the peninsula and in Asia. This command arrangement became formalized as the Provisional Forces Command in December 1912.

The British decision to undertake a naval-only campaign to break through the Dardanelles came at the hands of Winston Churchill, who persuaded his unwilling colleagues to support the scheme. Churchill then acted to provide Admiral Carden with the forces he had requested for the operation. The weight of opinion in the War Council also persuaded Kitchener to support the scheme, to which he committed the ANZAC to follow-on operations at Constantinople. While there was strategic clarity about breaking through the Dardanelles, it was uncertain what would happen after that.

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