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Through movies similar to Orphan, Insidious, and Carrie, Kimberly Jackson unearths how the destruction of male figures and the depictions of lady monstrosity in twenty-first-century horror cinema recommend that modern American tradition unearths itself at a cultural standstill among a post-patriarchal society and post-feminist ideology.

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Rather than a nightmare/fantasy of female monstrosity, Peirce wanted to focus on the realities of social ostracism and bullying. She wanted the viewer to see Carrie as a superhero instead of a ghoul.  . ” The film is thus not about the act of looking or the politics of the gaze but rather the “naturalistic” relations between the characters. 30 G e n d e r a n d t h e N u c l e a r Fa m i l y The problem is, as Peirce herself undoubtedly knows, the forces allied against Carrie are not confined to a few mean girls but are reflective of the “larger sociopathology” under examination in both King’s and DePalma’s versions of the tale.

Creed writes, Womanhood and Hegemony 31 In general terms, Kristeva is attempting to explore the different ways in which abjection, as a source of horror, works within patriarchal societies as a means of separating the human from the nonhuman and the fully constituted subject from the partially formed subject. Ritual becomes the means by which societies both renew their initial contact with the abject element and then exclude that element. (36) In DePalma’s film, the title character’s abjection is established very early on.

The film takes place not in a postmodern setting but rather in a 1970s-style ranch house in the country. Bertino places his twenty-first-century protagonists within a 1970s horror setting, where they do not fare as well as their 1970s counterparts; Kristen and her boyfriend James are seemingly bereft of the tools available to Carrie White, the Collingwoods of The Last House on the Left, or the surviving Carters of The Hills Have Eyes. James will not serve as the redeemed male/father, and Kristen will not be a Final Girl.

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