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As a matter of fact, Jung went a lot 23 "Definitions," Psychological Types, CW 6, par. 741. , par. 742. Page 31 further than that. He believed that individual consciousness was necessary in order for God himself to become conscious . . 25 We've run out of time, so I'll have to leave that for you to explore yourselves. 25 ''Answer to Job," Psychology and Religion, CW 11. See also Edward F. Edinger, The Creation of Consciousness: Jung's Myth for Modern Man (Toronto: Inner City Books, 1984), chapter 4, "The Transformation of God," and Edinger, Transformation of the God-Image: An Elucidation of Jung's Answer to Job (Toronto: Inner City Books, 1992).

The business was humming along, it didn't need me. All the records were up to date, all the letters answered. My desk was clean as a whistle. I had nothing to do. I felt the Void closing in. Where does my energy want to go? I wondered. "It's a good time for a holiday," said Rachel. She flashed me a bright smile. She loves to travel. I grimaced. " said Rachel. "I will, I will. Next year. " I wandered into the back yard. Arnold was there. He was scratching in the earth and humming to himself. We'd lived together in Zürich while we were training to be analysts.

And there's often a lot of heat involved in acquaintanceships an outsider would call casual. Obviously there are many degrees or levels of relationship. For practical purposes we might restrict our considerations to those that are more or less intimate, like lovers, close friends, relatives, that kind of thingbut I certainly wouldn't limit the relevance of Jung's insights to what goes on between husband and wife. What about one-night stands? Why not? They can be very emotional. And who knows if a so-called one-night stand might not develop into a long-term partnership?

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