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By Reynold Levy

This article appears on the tales in the back of philanthropic successes and screw ups, and offers a framework for funders to contemplate their company's working goals and the way to align their social tasks. It additionally offers worthy how you can permit practitioners to solicit money.

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From the ideological right come frontal challenges to the allegedly liberal bias of corporate giving programs. It is claimed that corporations, whether advertently or unknowingly, allow themselves to provide grant assistance to the very organizations that support excessive taxation, regulation, and litigation, thus clogging the arteries of annual earnings. It is asserted that companies, whether willfully or in fits of absentmindedness, philanthropically support nonprofits that propagate values detrimental to the free enterprise system.

Employee morale rises. Sales and marketing objectives are advanced. Dayton-Hudson's good works become more widely known because its employees are proud believers. The skillful use of corporate charitable connections by Levi-Strauss Company to cushion the blow of extensive factory closings and employees layoffs is worth noting. By providing negotiated access to nonprofit sources of job placement, social service counseling, and child care, Levi-Strauss helps its employees through a rough transition in practical and Page 5 meaningful ways.

Sound corporate philanthropy sustains an open dialogue between donor and donee. At a minimum, both are parties to a mutually beneficial transaction. At the optimum, both are enriched by a continuing relationship. Central to healthy exchanges of view and of value is empathythe capacity to identify and help satisfy the needs of the other. Therefore, indispensable to an appreciation of corporate donor objectives, motivations, and procedures is viewing them from the perspective of applicants. In Chapter 7 I divulge "insider trade secrets" by providing pro bono advice to those seeking corporate philanthropic support.

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