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By Peter Waterman

One hundred and fifty years in the past Marx and Engels produced the Communist Manifesto. This ended with the stirring phrases "Workers of all lands unite! you don't have anything to lose yet your chains. you may have a global to win!" even if this slogan encouraged generations of unionists and socialists, the internationalism changed into nationalism, the worlds received didn't loosen the chains or even the worlds themselves have been lost.

This booklet examines the previous internationalism of labour and socialists and the current one of many new radical-democratic social events (such as womens events and feminism). It argues for a brand new worldwide harmony that pertains to a radicalized, globalized, informatized and intricate capitalist modernity. This new internationalism addresses a number of international social difficulties and democratic routine. It either learns from the social theories of at the present time and gives an important supplement to them.

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My strategy here will be to consider nineteenth-century internationalism first as political activity and then as social theory or ideology. In the first part I will try to show how quite particular social conditions gave rise to labour internationalism, and that these conditions gave rise to quite particular forms of labour internationalism. I will try to show how change in each of these social conditions later undermined this. We will see that it was, above all, the parallel growth of the nation-state along with the working class, of nationalism along with socialism, that confounded the internationalist hopes of the early socialists.

The women's, ecological and other new social movements have made us aware of the 'global interdependency' of both reform and emancipatory struggles (as well as helping overcome the binary opposition customarily posed between them). The new wave of radical-democratic movements and thinking raises the question of the implications of globalization for democracy and for democratic control over global 13 GLOBALIZATION, SOCIAL MOVEMENTS AND THE NEW INTERNATIONALISMS processes. The alternative global order, or process, is conceived of in terms of 'global civil society'; the new movement and ethic in terms of 'global solidarity'.

Such work as there is on international labour or labour internationalism has tended to be narrowly focused (particularly on union, or multinational-worker, internationalism), concerned with single issues or cases, and/or non-theoretical. It does not relate union internationalism to the traditional aim of the 'abolition of wage slavery', nor to contemporary emancipatory movements (Waterman, 1996b). Thus, in the spirit of Shaw, a work on globalization and Third World unionism notes the disappearance of the old kind of labour internationalism and offers, as 'silver lining', the following: 'the international labour movement may have to take on the heavy responsibility of co-designing new [Third World] strategies and even participating in their implementation' (Thomas, 1995: 237).

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