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By Damien Broderick

August Seebeck is in his twenties, a guy of commonplace appears and mind. Then comes the declare of his great-aunt Tansy that she has been discovering corpses every one Saturday evening in her tub (they vanish via morning). August dismisses this story as aged myth until eventually he stumbles upon a corpse being shoved into the second-floor toilet window of his aunt's condo. Even that wouldn't faze him, yet then an individual steps out of the mirror....
August by surprise discovers he's a participant within the multi-universe Contest of Worlds and that his precise relations is quarrelsome on a mythic scale. His look for figuring out follows a vintage quest trend of the Parsifal style, other than that August is nobody's idiot.
An epic quest that's humorous and engrossing, Godplayers is within the top culture of Zelazny, Van Vogt, and the Knights of the around desk, from one among technology fiction's most well-liked up-and-coming writers.

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